A Seamless Experience

Only4Stars has always valued forging our tournaments into an engaging experience. In order to do that, our company has decided to use the Cup Manager platform, to ensure that teams, players, coaches and parents will not have a hard time submitting and managing their registration. With its user-friendly interface and a system that will help us organize everything in the most fashionable way, it felt like the right choice.

With approximately 300 tournaments around the world utilizing its services, there is no doubt that Cup Manager is one of the best tournament platforms in the world. The platform has been developed as close as possible to a sportive tournament’s most essential needs and is constantly evolving to suit them best. With some of the biggest tournaments in the world using Cup Manager we have no second thoughts trusting this platform. With our aspirations and ambitions to grow and become even bigger each year, we rest assured that the Cup Manager platform will boost the Athina Cup to new levels.

2020 is a big year for the Athina Cup. It will be the 1st time the tournament will be hosted in Athens, and there are high expectations for this year. The ranks of Only4Stars are pumping with enthusiasm, energy and ideas are flowing constantly. So we are finally happy that we now have a platform that can match our mindset and goals for the future. Cup Manager has been already integrated into our website, so you can expect a flawless digital experience.